TAD internal group chat registration

TAD group chats work only from inside TAD Designer Lite. If you are not yet a member of the teamTAD Discord Community, please become one by clicking here. Use your Discord registration to install and start using TAD. See more details here https://www.teamtad.com/downloadtad.html

Give your Discord ID**:
Give a group name:

We provide a free password using a direct message to your Discord account (See below) that can be used ONLY for 24 hours from the time it was created here. If you want a password that does not expire, then please email us a request at admin@teamtad.com OR send a Discord message to @admin.limenleap after making a one time payment of Rs 2500/- INR (Indian Rupees, or equivalent in any foreign currency) using our payment gateway. Email us the Payment receipt or the Koyn Code*.

Please ALSO mention the Discord ID you want the password to be sent to. Yes, you can donate such a password to others.

*We use an internal currency system called "Koyns" -- It is a code/token that represents your purchase, for our system to consume internally.
**How to get your Discord ID
To get your Discord ID, you must first ensure that your Discord is placed into Developer Mode. You can do that by going to the Discord settings, and then go to the Advanced section inside the setting. In that section, switch on Developer Mode option. Once you do that; return back to your teamTAD Discord community. Locate your own Discord username on the right hand side of the screen. Right click on that for a pop-up menu. From that menu, you should choose Copy ID. Now the Discord ID would be in your clipboard. Use that ID in the above form. Paste it there, using Ctrl-V. More help? See a short video:
If the Group name is available for use, a password would be sent to your Discord Direct Message by our Bot named 'tadmainbot' Keep your Discord app open, and expect a "ping" from our BOT soon. If the group name is not availalble or you are not yet a member of our Discord community, then you would not get any BOT message but an error would be displayed here.